Youth Development

Youth Development

Youth Development

Youth Development

About Us

The Community and Youth Development department is the section of The Community Partnership that focuses on working with youth (primarily teenagers) to deliver services and education that can help them become knowledgeable, successful, and independent adults.

The programs in this department focus on upholding the following core values of the Family and Community Trust (F.A.C.T.):

  • Children and families healthy

  • Children safe in their families and families safe in their communities.

  • Youth succeeding  in school

  • Youth ready to enter workforce and be productive citizens


Our Programs and Special Events

  • PLUS 1 Program – provides education, resources, and support to pregnant or parenting teens and young adults.

  • PLUS 1 Mentoring Program – matches adult community volunteers with participants in our teen parent program to provide them with guidance, support, and knowledge, about effective parenting based on their own experiences.

  • Chafee Independent Living Program – provides life skills training, support, and financial assistance to teenagers in the State Foster Care system.

  • Fostering Education Futures – works with participants in our Young Parent and Chafee programs to help provide tools to succeed in navigating the post-secondary education process; including testing and application assistance, college degree program research, and financial aid.

  • Personal Responsibility Education Program – a comprehensive, evidence-based sex education class aimed at providing our foster youth clients with the tools necessary to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

  • Foster Care Support – works closely with staff from the 25th Circuit Children’s Division office to provide resources, information, support, and appreciation events for foster parents and case workers.

  • Linking Hearts Adoption Fair – event held each September, to provide a one-of-a –kind opportunity for kids across Missouri that are currently eligible for adoption, to come to an event where they may hopefully find a forever home. Linking Hearts also serves as a recruitment/inquiry opportunity for potential foster or adoptive families.

*Many of our programs have specific eligibility requirements for enrollment based on our funding sources. If you are interested in any particular area, please click on the link to that program so that you may learn more specifics about it.


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