Youth Development

Youth Development provides services and education to help youth become knowledgeable, successful, and independent adults.

Our Programs and Special Events

  • PLUS 1 – provides education and support to pregnant and parenting teens and young adults

  • PLUS 1 Mentoring – matches PLUS 1 participants with a community volunteer willing to provide guidance and support

  • Chafee Independent Living Program – provides life skills training, support, and financial assistance to teens in foster care.

  • Personal Responsibility Education – provides a comprehensive, evidence-based sex education class to our foster youth clients.

  • Foster Parent Support – provides resources, support, and appreciation events to foster parents and caseworkers in the Missouri Children’s Division 25th Circuit.

  • Linking Hearts Event – Annual event held each September that brings together children who are eligible for adoption and individuals interested in adoption in a fun, relaxed, carnival atmosphere.

**Programs have specific eligibility requirements for enrollment.


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