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The Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) focuses on health and education for youth in state care. The Primary goal is to educate youth between the ages of 14 and 20 on healthy sexual behaviors through abstinence or contraception, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Uses evidence-based curriculum, titled Making Proud Choices .

  • Making Proud Choices curriculum has been proven through rigorous evaluation to be effective in changing youth behavior to delay or abstain from sexual activity, increase use of condoms or contraceptives if sexually active, and prevent or reduce pregnancy.

Important Facts/Statistics

  • The national average of comprehensive sexual education is 19, with the average age of first sexual contact being 16, leaving youth vulnerable to STDs and unplanned pregnancy during three years of sexual activity.

  • One in three American girls will have an unplanned pregnancy before age 18, leaving the United States with the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the industrialized world, totaling 375,000 unplanned teen pregnancies per year.

  • Youth make up 60{5416f6e30dc6c7b3bd01d5a29dfc3f547956e22f11499bae0e2f6fc97f86ead1} of new HIV infections every year.

  • Young people between the ages of 15-24 make up 9.5 million new cases of STDs a year.

  • 40{5416f6e30dc6c7b3bd01d5a29dfc3f547956e22f11499bae0e2f6fc97f86ead1} of sexually active teens do not know how to use a condom.

Program/Evaluation Consent Forms

The University of Missouri is conducting a research study to determine if exposure to sex education reduces the risky behaviors and negative outcomes in these areas for foster youth, compared to those not receiving the information. It is asked that each youth participate in the study – but to do so, they must have a consent form on file.  Note: responses are anonymous and confidential.

  • Consent Form for Youth Under 18 (to be completed by Case Worker or Adoptive Parent)

  • Consent Form for Youth Over 18 (to be completed by youth)


Anna French

PREP Facilitator

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