Your Plus 1 Team

Robyn Wolfe
CYD Director
(573) 368-2849

Marilyn Newkirk
PLUS 1 Mentor Coordinator
(573) 368-2849


Anna French
Education Coordinator
(573) 368-2849

Amy Bridgeman
PLUS 1 Program Coordinator
(573) 368-2849

About Us

PLUS 1 is for parenting moms and dads under the age of 22 who are looking to build a strong, healthy relationship with their child, to become engaged with their community, meet personal goals, and find strength in other parents!


Are you:

  • Currently pregnant or parenting?

  • Under the age of 22?

  • Wanting to be the best parent you can be?

  • Looking for support and to meet other parents like you?

Your baby didn’t come with a manual – Join PLUS 1 for Group Nights, One-on-Ones, Activity Days, Mentoring, Learning, and Growing!

Are you interested in becoming a participant or know someone who might benefit from the program? If so, please complete the Referral form or Participant Intake form below:
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Visit Us:
Main Office: 1101 Hauck Drive
Resale Shop: 2100 D N Bishop/Hwy 63N

Contact Us:
Main Office: 573-368-2849
Resale Shop: 573-426-5923