Jean Darnell
Executive Director

Gwen Cresswell
Finance Director

Capable Kids and Families®

Becki Weitzsacker
CKF Specialist

Heather Marz
CKF Specialist

Early Childhood

Katelyn Tung
Early Care and Education Specialist

Karen Daily
Early Care and Education Specialist

Adrienne McNeil
Infant & Toddler Specialist

Youth Development

Scott Gehlert
Mentor Recruitment Coordinator

Amy Bridgeman
PLUS 1 Program Coordinator

Anna French
Education Coordinator

Amy Deluca-Blake
Chafee Independent Living Progam Coordinator

Development and Community Relations

Mark Long
Development Director

Karen Fagan
Executive Assistant

Grants Development

Ina Ruth McKune
Evaluation Coordinator

Systems Operations

Garrett Mason
System Administrator

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