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PLUS 1 is sponsored by the Missouri Mentoring Partnership (MMP.) One of the components of this program is to match pregnant and parenting youth, under the age of 22, with an adult willing to offer emotional support and encouragement. Sharing practical advice and information is something a mentor can do to help a young parent.  Currently, we have many youth who could benefit from the support and guidance of a mentor. Can you offer that support?

What do mentors do?

  • Mentors should commit to at least one year in the program.

  • Mentors submit monthly contact survey about their communication with their mentee to the Mentor Recruiter.

  • Mentors commit to spend four hours a month communicating with mentee (in person, social media, text, or by phone.)

  • Attend monthly mentor trainings (if possible.)

How can I become a mentor?

  • Complete a Mentor Application

  • Complete a PLUS 1 Preference form

  • Complete a Child Abuse and Neglect check, Missouri State Highway Patrol background check, and a fingerprinting screening

  • Must provide three references (one from immediate family member and two from friends the mentor has known for at least two years. If an immediate family member cannot be identified, a third friend the mentor has known for at least two years can be substituted)

  • Complete a mentor interview with the Mentor Recruiter


Robyn Wolfe


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