Friendship Circles

Four children smiling.
Friendship Circles facilitate the development of friendships between children with developmental delays and disabilities and their peers in the elementary schools of Phelps County. CKF staff works with school counselors to identify children with disabilities who have difficulty making friends.   Then, 3-4 peers of the target child are selected by classroom teachers to complete the Circle.  Students meet with the facilitator twice a month to take part in fun activities.  Crafts or games are selected to highlight the target child’s strengths.  The facilitator models friendship skills and gently guides the target student in skill development.

Friendship Circles are available in the following Phelps County schools:  Edgar Springs, St. James Elementary, Newburg Elementary, Truman Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, Wyman Elementary, and Rolla Middle School.

Physical Education for All Kids (PEAK)

PEAK provides adaptive physical education equipment to increase the participation of children with disabilities.  The equipment is available to any school in Phelps County and is designed to be enjoyed by children with and without disabilities.

23 units have been developed and include adaptive baseball, basketball, volleyball, bowling, target and parachute activities, and a variety of adapted games.  Schools are invited to select units to correspond to their physical education curriculum.  The units are delivered and picked up by Partnership staff.

PEAK is provided in the following Phelps County schools:  Rolla Middle School, Edgar Springs, St. James, Truman, Mark Twain, Wyman, BW Robinson, Rolla Junior High, and Rolla Senior High.


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